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Drumming 2013
drumming 2 2013
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Drumming Classes are currently on hold, We will be back with an update soon! 


Hello and Welcome!

Full Circle Drumming is a creative drumming company based in the Dandenong Ranges, or more commonly known as "the hills". We provide drumming classes, drum kit lessons, Kora (African Harp) lessons and Interactive drumming workshops for Schools, events and community groups. We aim to inspire, bring out the best in people and most of all have fun and drum!


Up coming events.

Join Roderick, Kylie and Christian for a 2 hour sound bath in Upwey on Sunday the 12th of Feb. 2:45pm- 5PM, It features amazing and soothing instruments including Gongs, Koras, crystal bowls, Flutes, mono chords, Hang drums and many more. Click on the picture below for more details. 

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Full Circle Drumming.

Create, Inspire, Have Fun and Drum!


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