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Check out some Primary School students performing @ BMW edge, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia.

Drumming workshops are a great way to connect, re-connect and create a positive group energy, whether it's for a primary schools, high schools, corporate events, retreats, festivals our interactive drumming workshops will leave you feeling great and full of energy.
We cater for small groups and large groups (upto 60 people) and provide all the drums.

See what some of our clients are saying!

"Roderick has worked with Mission Australia Youth Services on numerous occasions over the last 2 years, running drumming  workshops  , sound baths and meditations with under Privilege CALD and bushfire affected kids.​
Rod has continually inspired and motivated the children, bringing out the musician in many. Rods work is of a very high standard, very professional and full of goodness! M.A would highly recommend Rod's work and look forward to working with him again in the future.​
Adrian Thomas, Youth Project Officer Mission Australia

"On behalf of the students at the Springvale Campus of Noble Park English Language School we would like to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our drumming sessions and wish we could have more!!  The students were fascinated by the unique instruments and drumming that kept the students interested for hours. A great avenue to inspire students' creativity and build confidence."

Georgina G- Principal, Noble Park English Language School, Springvale Campus.






Full Circle Drumming.

Create, Inspire, Have Fun and Drum!


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