Roderick performing with Bwazan for wedding ceremony, Bamako, Mali, 2018.

 Drumming Classes!

​Be part of the rhythm! 2020..

    Learn traditional African inspired Drumming in a friendly environment with Roderick.
Beginners Classes
During the classes we will explore and learn…
-Basic technique on the Djembe: including bass, tones, slaps.
-Learn basic patterns
-Learn basic group solos and arrangements
- Have fun!​
-Welcome to Join anytime
Where and when?
The Highway Elephant, Belgrave 6:30-7:30pm $18
During the classes we will explore and learn…
-Develop the ability to play at faster tempos.
-Learn complex rhythms arrangements and group solos.
- Prepare arrangements for performance opportunities. 

Where and when? 
The Highway Elephant, Belgrave
7:30pm-9pm $20
Bookings Essential!
Ph: 0421-150-255





Full Circle Drumming.

Create, Inspire, Have Fun and Drum!