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Djembes! Djembes! Djembes!
We currently have medium sized and kid sized Djembes for sale with prices ranging from $65-$350. The Djembe shells we use are Mali hardwood drums and Ivory Coast drums from West Africa. Give us a call today to find a drum to connect with. (We currently use NewSkin by Remo as an alternative to animal skin and goat skin.

*we also hire djembes out! $5 per drum per day.

Drum Making workshops! 

Make your own Djembe! 
Join us for a one day workshop and customise your own drum with your choice of coloured fabrics and rope! Learn how to rope, weave and tune your own Djembe for scratch. 
.....Next drum making workshop......
Where? Kallista
When? No Dates At the Moment!
Cost? $350 Limited to 4 people per workshop, bookings essential.  






Full Circle Drumming.

Create, Inspire, Have Fun and Drum!


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