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Kora's and Ngoni's

After much research, prototypes and hard work in the last few years, we are excited to make our Kora's and Ngoni's available to the public to purchase! Each instrument is hand crafted and has a exquisite and unique sound with rich high end frequencies and grounding bass notes. We have a range of Kora's and Ngonis made from various woods including.. Purple Heart, Bubinga, Walnut and New Guine Rose wood. The gourds/ Calabash are skined with deer skin for a rich and worm sound. If You'd like to check one out feel free to call or email. 

Price list,

Ngoni's $650 AUD

Kora's $990-$1200 AUD ( price varies depending on the type of wood and other customisations.)



Full Circle Drumming.

Create, Inspire, Have Fun and Drum!


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